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BiyaPay was established in 2019 and is a global multi-asset trading wallet. Headquartered in Singapore, it has established subsidiaries and expanded its business coverage in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places. The number of registered users has reached 509,000, and users cover various countries and regions around the world.
BiyaPay supports online real-time exchange of more than 20 mainstream legal currencies and dozens of mainstream digital currencies, helping users achieve local transfers in most countries or regions around the world, with fast arrival speed and unlimited credit limit.
At the same time, BiyaPay is also a professional deposit and withdrawal tool. You can recharge USDT and exchange it for USD/HKD, withdraw it to your personal bank account, and deposit it to major securities firms. The deposit is fast and unlimited. You can also directly invest in US/Hong Kong stocks with USDT without offshore accounts. You can participate in real-time stock trading and deposit and withdrawal in real time, which not only solves users' deposit and withdrawal problems, but also saves time and costs. With one account and one fund, you can invest in global markets.
Corporate Culture
BiyaPay registration process is all online. It takes only 1 minute, no more to make complicated overseas bank account applications. Only identity verification is required.
After completing registration, you don't need to apply for a special overseas bank, after topping up USD and HKD, you can participate in US or Hong Kong stock trading in real time, truly realizing 'one account to invest in global quality stocks'.
Real-time order dumping, direct connection with trading systems such as Intrusion Tiger, to ensure that orders are dumped to such trading platforms in a timely manner, without delay, and orders can be checked to ensure true transparency.
Development History
May - August 2019
BiyaPay has completed a strategic investment of US$5 million from GDFX GLOBAl Hong Kong and Hong Kong Kowloon Capital. GDFX GLOBAl Hong Kong invested USD 3 million and Hong Kong Kowloon Capital invested USD 2 million.BiyaPay announced its official entry into wealth management with the launch of a new wealth management function. The function aims to provide investors with one-stop global investment services, with categories covering digital currencies and fiat-related wealth management functions, including spread arbitrage call finance between USDT and USD, with an annualized call yield of 7.2% and daily interest paid to your USD account available balance at 24:00 on the second day. More equity-based financial products will be launched later to meet the diversified asset allocation needs of different investors.
June - July 2020
BiyaPay announced in an announcement that it has been officially awarded the MSB financial services license in the United States. The license will allow BiyaPay to provide financial services including international money transfers, foreign exchange, currency transactions/transfers (including digital currencies), offering prepaid programs, issuing traveler's checks, etc. to its customers worldwide. The license will allow BiyaPay to provide financial services including foreign exchange, money transfer, money orders, traveler's checks or other similar instruments exchange, purchase and sale, etc. to customers worldwide.BiyaPay's transaction volume has reached US$300 million, with 80% of orders arriving on the same or next day.
February - December 2021
BiyaPay APP (iphone version) has passed Apple's official review and is officially available on Apple APP Store, Apple users can search 'BIYA GLOBAL' (case insensitive) in Apple APP Store to download and install. Hong Kong ID to download.On September 26, 2022, BiyaPay, an internet brokerage firm, announced that the widely anticipated US and Hong Kong stock trading function has been officially launched. The minimum withdrawal fee is 20USD for the first time and 100USD for each subsequent withdrawal. 10,000USD and above will remain unchanged at 1%.
November 2022
BiyaPay announces the launch of the new version 2.0, the new website with a new layout design, easy to use, richer content, greatly enhance the customer's browsing experience; optimization of common functions such as deposit and withdrawal, remittance, trading, finance, funds and other functions, with BiyaPay exclusive community and social media, users can more quickly understand the latest news BiyaPay, participate in the interaction and activities The new help center and customer service system are customized to better serve the needs of investors.
In January 2023, it obtained the RIA license under the US Securities Supervision Commission (SEC), actively promoting the legality of the securities investment market.
From October to November 2023, the US stock market, Hong Kong stock market, financing and securities trading functions, and digital currency trading functions will be successively launched.
More features are still under development, stay tuned...
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holds an RIA license registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (CRD # 325027/SEC #: 802-127417) and is regulated by the SEC
holds a financial services license issued by the US MSB (MSB registration number: 31000218637349) and is regulated by the US MSB
holds a financial services license issued by the Canadian MSB (MSB registration No.: M20490364) and is regulated by the Canadian MSB