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Here you can look up the SWIFT code required for your money transfer. Search by bank or country/region and find the correct branch code. If you already have a SWIFT code, you can also use our checking tool to see if it is in the right format and which bank it belongs to.
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Enter a SWIFT code to check if it is correct and to see which bank it belongs to.

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Enter a SWIFT/BIC to check it's correct and to find out which bank it belongs to.

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Frequently Used SWIFT codes

What are SWIFT codes?

Bank International Code (SWIFT Code) is a bank identification code proposed by the SWIFT Association and adopted by the ISO, where the member banks of the Association have their own specific SWIFT code. In the case of wire transfers, the remitter sends a payment message in accordance with the SWIFT CODE of the payee bank, and the money can be remitted to the payee bank. This number is equivalent to the ID number of each bank.

SWIFT Code Composition

Every bank applying for membership in the SWIFT organization must be in accordance with the uniform principles of the SWIFT organization in advance, the development of the bank's SWIFT address code, approved by the SWIFT organization after the official entry into force of the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) by the computer can be automatically read by the eight or eleven letters of the English alphabet or Arabic numerals, used in the SWIFT The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) consists of eight or eleven alphanumeric characters or Arabic numerals that can be read automatically by a computer and is used in SWIFT messages to clearly distinguish between different financial institutions involved in financial transactions.

Example of SWIFT code
  • AAAA Bank Code
  • BB Country/Region Code
  • CC Area Code
  • 123 Branch Code
Components of a SWIFT Code:
  • Bank Code
    Consists of four easily recognizable initial letters of the bank's bank name.
  • Country/Region Code
    Consists of two letters according to the International Organization for Standardization.
  • Area Code
    Consists of two digits or letters identifying the city.
  • Branch Code
    Consists of three digits or letters and identifies the branch.

How to check SWIFT codes

To check the SWIFT code of a particular bank, the recommended way is:

  • (1) Go directly to the bank and ask the staff.
  • (2) You can call or check on the SWIFT website;
  • (3) Use our SWIFT Finder to get the correct cosde for your remittance.
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